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3. I Wanna Dance With You

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The night is young you look so sweet
Why do you make me hesitate
The twinkle in your eye
Like diamonds in the sky is all I ever need
The band came from New Orleans
And they’ll put you on your feet
But if you say no, I just don’t know
If I can admit defeat

I wanna dance with you
Lift you up
I want to spin you around
Don’t ever want to stop
I wanna dance with you
Won’t you dance with me too

When you flash that smile
I can’t deny there’s butterflies in my soul
So I’ll start to groove
wont you care to move with me on the floor
I promise I’ll be a perfect gentlemen
And for thee this dance I’ll save
But darling can you really blame me
If I miss behave


Your cheek pressed to mine
Your hip wrapped in my hand
Why you’d ever want to dance with me
I will never understand
I know it must be getting late
But I don’t want this to end
So I bought the band another round
So we can do this all again