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2. (Even Then) I'd Still Be Loving You - Explicit

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If it was two degrees outside
And you spent rent on getting high
And used my guitars for firewood
Well I wouldn’t give a damn
Even if you burned my Gibson
Even then I’ll still be loving you

If I came home late one night
And you were still up getting tight
And you drank all of my booze
Well I wouldn’t throw a fit
Johnnie Walker wouldn’t give a shit
Cuz even then I’ll still be loving you

I’ll keep you protected
Even if you get arrested
I’ll make sure you’re home soon,
I’ll tell the judge I’ve got to see her
It was only a misdemeanor
Even then I’ll still be loving you

There’s not much you can do or say
To make me scream or cringe
It’d be kind of funny
if you spent all of my money
Or if you turned
A lovely shade of orange

When I turn 104
I’ll just have to love you more
By that time that’s all that I can do
I’ll thank you in advance
For having to change my pants
Even then I’ll still be loving you

When the mountains turn to dust
The gold on your ring to rust
And judgement day makes you feel blue
The apocalypse might be a happening
But I swear to God
we were only napping
Even then I’ll still be loving you